Is existence a paradox?

by Frank Muller You can follow us at Just click the show button and subscribe or unsubscribe at your pleasure. You can also listen to us on our podcast “Is it right or is it easy” on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and other podcasting platforms. Let’s us start with a Merriam definition of the […]

Teddy Roosevelt – Mornings on Horseback

by Frank Muller It is a strongly held view of mine that the archetype of a “man” has been distorted greatly and the impact on women, children, institutions both civil and academic, and happiness in general has been the consequence. Men are called to two vocations in life: those being Marriage and Fatherhood. These vocations […]

The purpose of Families – the Dignity of Life

by Frank Muller One of the most important teachings of the Church is the sanctity and dignity of life and the purpose of marriage (and conjugal relations). However, this teaching can also be arrived at by reason and an anthropological study of human development and flourishing. Why then this modern attack on the sanctity of […]