Ode to Pilots

by Frank Muller You can follow us at https://right-or-easy.com/. Just click the show button and subscribe or unsubscribe at your pleasure. You can also listen to us on our podcast “Is it right or is it easy” on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and other podcasting platforms. https://open.spotify.com/show/3xFZC6oftl1uTtwrXblbve High Flight Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds […]

Robert Frost – We’re either nothing or a God’s regret

by Frank Muller Earth’s a hard place to save the soul,And if it could be brought understate control,So automatically we all were saved,Its separateness from Heaven couldbe waived;It might as well at once be kingdom-come.(Perhaps it will be next millennium.)But these are universals, not confinedTo any one time, place, or humankind.We’re either nothing or a […]