About Frank Muller


Frank is the founder and creator of Is it right or is it easy?  This is a platform of curated authors and thought leaders who are each searching for Truth in the mosaic of human endeavors and work in order to create a cheerful and kind place for people to engage in this pursuit of leaning.  

A Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur and change agent, Frank has guided and developed hundreds of successful executives in their careers and affected the lives of many others through hard work, a disciplined approach to learning, and a willingness to speak and stand for Truth when the moment calls.  He continues to actively engage in the marketplace and now seeks to share these insights and learnings with all those who want to join in the journey for Truth.

Frank worked at Morgan Stanley and related companies for nearly twenty years.  Frank then worked at Hines Real Estate for nearly eight years before joining Behringer in Dallas for the last eleven years.  Frank graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence there teaching and guiding undergraduate and graduate student entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Frank has been featured in such publications as Bloomberg, Kiplinger’s, Investment News, Think Advisor, FA-Mag, DI Wire, Real Assets Advisor, and Wealth Management and other news and media outlets.  Frank has served on multiple public company Boards and numerous nonprofit Boards through the decades.


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5 thoughts on “About Frank Muller

  1. I am Aunt Angela McCaffrey Notzon of Sean Patrick McCaffrey who sent us your email on
    ” Is is right or easy” and decided to follow your directions and here I am. I am # 8 of 17 children from Dallas Texas of James Horace and Frances Meron McCaffrey, living with 14 siblings with 3 deaths in the family. Raised in all CatholicParishes- Holy Trinity and St.Monica’s with Ursuline Academy and Jesuit High Schools and St.Mary’s University,U of D, University of Incarnate Word, Georgetown University and many more. Just a short story about me but interested in you, angela

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    1. Dear Angela, thank you for your connection. May God bless you and your family. In all things (good and bad) we can offer thanks to our Lord. In this way, we sanctify our lives for the love of our Creator and all our brothers and sisters in the world.

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