The Moral Duty to Embargo

by Frank Muller

First, the confession. I am a near lifelong fan of Disney. The first vacation our family took where I felt a wonderment that has never left me. We travelled to Walt Disney World in Florida in the early 1970’s and it was in my view the first great adventure of a lifetime of adventures.

As we approached the entrance to the Magic Kingdom my heart began to race, and the anticipation was almost more than I could bear. Upon entering the Park, I stood there looking up at the flowers in front of the train station and I was mesmerized.

As we entered Main Street USA, I simply could not wrap my mind and heart around the images, the sounds, the smells, the cleanliness – well, the magic. I wondered in my mind how this could be? Who invented and developed this? Why?

That led to a lifelong fascination with Walt Disney and entrepreneurs. Walt’s vision of a place where the family was venerated and celebrated. Walt’s philosophy of introducing the moral war between good and evil and how the good can win that war through faith and love if only they believe. It was a message that in that day and time never left my heart.

For decades, we have travelled to Orlando as our friends and family just shook their heads in disbelief. There, we could make family memories together and those are memoires that will sustain me to my last breath. The joys, laughs, sweat and occasional tears became simply a metaphor for family life and staying children at heart together.

Sadly though, like our educational institutions and entertainment companies and our technology firms have all succumbed to the relentless attack on the family for it is the family that is backbone and sinew of a better world. A family is a unit of procreation and formation. It gives physical life, and it should instill moral and ultimately spiritual life. Once the family is torn asunder in all but the name then the enemy has divided society and distorted culture.

This attack takes generations and by the time a society or culture figures out what is happening and why the majority of its’ people have lost their sense of Truth and now the good is the minority and the majority can now assume and enforce edicts divorced from reason and moral law and can do so at the ballot box and through their elected leaders. Democracy is no guarantor of moral law, only a moral people can provide that guaranty.

How then we do we respond? As I have suggested in prior missives people have two forms of power. One, they can vote, and that responsibility is on the voter to know who they are voting for and precisely why. If anyone votes straight R or D, they have abdicated their democracy to tribalism and therefore we get what we deserve. The path to fixing that is the path to our most important power.

That is the power of our money. Stop donating to the Republican and Democratic parties (or any other party) right now. Stop sending money to factionalism and division. Support and encourage future candidates who run on the power of their own name and merits. Do we want to hold politicians accountable? Throw out anyone affiliating with a political party. Start local first and then work our way up. When we cut off the funds to both parties, we can begin to take back our Republic.

As I have suggested before, when it comes to international relations, we should trade only with countries who are pursuing the good – that is they seek to offer the freedom to do the good. Any country that seeks to undermine the fundamental dignity of human beings should not be supported by our tax dollars and most importantly our purchases of goods and services. Imagine the current world if the Chinese and Russians had never benefitted for the last fifty years from American dollars, expertise and technology.

As for educational institutions, stop donating to universities who indoctrinate our children what to think versus educate them on how to think. I love the University of Texas at Austin and I am forever grateful for my experience there, but todays UT is a bastion for lies and half-truths notably in their nonbusiness and engineering colleges. Long a financial supporter of the University, I decided enough was enough and took those donations to zero. Until my friends at the University make substantial real progress to return the institution to its’ classical roots, I am out. In my view there may only be less than a dozen universities in the country worth donating to.

As for Disney, this great American company appears to have been hijacked the same way our other institutions were. Stealth invaders inserting themselves into the fabric of an entity and hiring others of the same ilk and patiently biding time. This vocal minority can rise up within an employment context and demand that corporations embrace non corporate decisions. That is, using the power of the corporation to enforce their views.

There is one fatal flaw to their approach, they assume the guests will keep coming. There is their Achilles heel, and it should be attacked peacefully by doing what – stop going! If Americans are concerned about the Chinese threat, stop buying goods made there. If Americans are concerned that a place where we go for fun is now enforcing social and religious views onto people, stop going there. If academic institutions are brain washing our children with opinions or half-truths, pull them out of there.

The power of the vote and the power of our dollars is enormous, and we should not hypocritically apply these things only to areas of sacrifice that are comfortable and avoid sacrifices that are not. I know this is tough and it will be a source of conversation amongst families about where to start and how to transition but so long as the why is known it gives us hope in this effort.

I recognize like many that plans are made far in advance and in fact we have plans for a Disney trip, but future plans can change and most assuredly the executives at Disney will see the future cancellations piling up. The question the woke have is will the people complain or take action. The woke can only stay awake as long the good stays asleep.

If we want to put the woke to bed, put them out of business or make the price so great that their morals are tested by their pocketbooks and paychecks. All of this should be done in a peaceful and kind way. No need for demonstrations, no need for yelling, no need for angry twitter posts. Just embargo political parties of any donations and deprive any entity that seeks to destroy Truth the access to our material resources whether it be entertainment or educational or corporate.

Is this a dream? Sure, it is, but even dreams can come true if only we believe.

May Peace be with us all.

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3 thoughts on “The Moral Duty to Embargo

  1. Amen Frank! I also abandoned decades of giving to my alma mater a few years ago for the same reasons. And, Disney is definitely on my list of “unfunded”. Just exhausted by the lies that abound when it comes to using “phrases” to use a law as a tool to drive a position. Clearly, they did not read the law (as I have…)…

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