Poetry is Prayer

by Frank Muller

You ask if I can

speak with you

of matters important in

in the eyes of two.

Reluctantly, I concede that

is true, words and wisdom

upon which few

Can hear, the

silent unspoken morality

of our fear.

Then one day we will

find, no matter so

crucial to share in kind.

And silence will be golden, our,

years will proclaim.

We spoke the unspoken

without saying a thing.

Poetry is an expression of one’s innermost thoughts, feelings and urges. When it rises towards Truth it begins to resonate not just with the poet but with the reader who longs or understands the same thing.

There is something spiritual about a poem. It can in one instance be absolutely meaningless to one human being and to another it can finally be the words that capture a Truth in one’s life.

This is precisely how prayer works. At times it can seem that no words (either our personal ramblings or Sacred Scripture) move us. And then, with persistence and complete honesty with oneself about ourselves we find a presence that begins to shed light.

Again and again, we persist, and the light seems to elude us and then…. there it is again. This time brighter and clearer.

Again and again, we persist, and the lights seems to elude us and then…. there it is again. This time brighter, clearer and colorful.

The Word has a way if we persist of incrementally of changing our hearts as we learn carefully to examine the same. Then, poetry and prayer start to come alive for us as we eventually learn that all people share the same desires and dreams.

We come to that moment with the poet where we exclaim “I got it!”. We eventually come to that moment with the Word where we exclaim “My Lord and my God!”.

Poetry As Probing of Wounds – Fr. Stephen Gregg, O.Cist. on Dana Gioia’s “Prayer” – YouTube

Above is a link to a beautiful poem recited by Fr. Stephen Gregg.

Poetry and Prayer can also heal wounds. Is that not beautiful? By reading the words of those who pour out their most intimate feelings another person can meet them in that same shared place of oneness.

Oh, and if you have made it this far – yes, that poem at the start is mine and these words and if you ask if I can – I will.

PS One poem is obvious, can you see the other?

May Peace be with us all.

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