A voice from Ukraine

by Frank Muller

A few years ago, I was blessed with an invitation from a dear friend to journey to Ukraine on a missionary trip. One of the individuals we met there is the man you will meet in the attached video. His moving message to one of our fellow missionaries is a testament to the pursuit of Truth and the duty of Christians to proclaim the Truth in words and deeds and prayers.

It is the duty of the good to call out evil. To stand silent as evil is committed (think the killing of innocent babies in our country), to stand silent in the face of Jim Crow laws (think how many people fought to retain those segregation and discriminatory laws), to stand silent out of fear. These are all a cooperation with evil in our fear of proclaiming Truth.

Evil will not and cannot ultimately prevail if the Good confronts it. It is only when the Good acquiesces, ignores or panders to Evil that allows Evil to win in the short term. People are displaying Ukrainian Flags on their lapels and on social media but where is the self-reflection of our actions as the supposed good in allowing things to go this far.

Arming the good amongst people to allow them to defend themselves against evil reduces the ability of evil to do harm. Here in America, it seems like we have forgotten the lesson of the French arming and supplying the revolutionaries here in America. Have we forgotten the French and Prussian patriots who rushed to our shores to teach our militia men how to actually fight?

Have we forgotten that the victory at Yorktown was had only because the French blockaded the exit port and kept the British Navy from transporting it’s Army out of there? The establishment of this great country came because of the support that other nations provided (under no compunction of a Treaty) to come to our aid in terms of weapons and munitions, soldiers, naval blockades, and debt financing.

When we hear these messages from good people serving our Creator and their neighbors in the midst of great evil it should give us pause. This particular Pastor operated underground during the Soviet years and suffered brutally. He gives his life (and his legion of dedicated saints there in Kiev) for the Truth and all he asks of us as believers of the Truth is to speak out, to pray, and to send the things they need for survival.

Let us like the French impose a blockade (no fly zone), let us send munitions and armaments not just to defend but to take back their country, let us encourage patriots around the world to consider going there to help, let us provide the financing and the resources to sustain, let us provide sanctuary for the women and children and men not of fighting age….

In the midst of this great evil, if the Good decide to rise and unite as one through their own free will then this could be the beginning of the world casting aside the rationalization of half-truths of broken philosophies and incomplete moral foundations then lives (both physical and spiritual) can be saved.

All pursuit of the Truth comes with suffering and sacrifice. Let us look at the strength of these good people and become inspired to speak, work and pray for the Truth.

May Peace be with us all.

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