Cancel Culture

by Frank Muller

Tracking “Cancel Culture” in Higher Education by David Acevedo | NAS

Above is a link to the National Association of Scholars website.

As people seeking the Truth we ought to stand up for the dignity and right of human beings to discuss and debate the Truth.

All education is predicated upon this foundation of Faith and Reason.

Faith tells us that all people are to be treated with dignity (even when they sin or are wrong).

Thus, any desire by any person who seeks to discover “truth” is by definition articulating a Faith in Truth.

Thus, the search for Truth is an act of Faith and therefore the actor is bestowed with a dignity that we all share.

Reason tells us that to pursue the Truth leads to a natural good and thus no one should ever be discouraged from searching for it, no matter how wrong they may be in our own eyes.

Two parties who are solely interested in the Truth of a thing want and desire to understand the other and take on the responsibility themselves that if they cannot refute with sound reason, they must by the adherence of their faith yield to a better truth.

There is no such thing as “your truth and my truth”. That defies reason and the meaning of Truth. Truth is not a subjective reality; it is an objective reality.

Our lives are simply an incremental approach of learning more Truth whether that be scientific, moral, philosophical, biological ….

When we allow our educational platform to bias reason and eliminate Faith then our children and our posterity are compromised.

Holiness and Truth are imperiled by the quiet acceptance of moral errors and factual distortions.

Read, pray and be brave.

Above all, be cheerful and kind no matter the insult.

Peace be with us all

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