Salzburg, Austria

by Frank Muller

Salzburg, Austria

“Let me tell you now, I have never been anywhere so saturated with Christian culture in my life. The city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and boasts palaces, churches, and is known to be the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart, was a setting for The Sound of Music and, perhaps most importantly, features a host of religious connotations and historical facts.

As Bogle wrote, “Visit the beautiful Cathedral with its great lantern-like ceiling that gives a feeling of space and freedom. The baroque interior seems clean and new-that’s because it was all rebuilt following wartime bombing. We are looking at a baroque church as it is meant to be-bright and fresh, not with the dust of years.”

The sound of church bells can be heard, the sweeping mountaintops astound, and the sound of music can be heard each day. If you choose to do so, I really suggest you visit the local breweries, not to imbibe in alcohol – though it certainly isn’t frowned upon – but to enjoy some delicious local cuisine! I promise you; Salzburg potato dumplings will not disappoint!”  – Mika Lafkin

I agree 100% with the above comments.  Probably would pick apple strudel over potato dumplings but in the context of beer – who am I to argue?.

Reflections on Austria, a Catholic nation | National Catholic Reporter (

ANCIENT CHURCHES OF SALZBURG – The Complete Pilgrim – Religious Travel Sites

Archdiocese of Salzburg | Catholic Answers

For our small family, this time in Salzburg has left an indelible impression on our hearts (and man we were young).

I encourage you guys to watch again the “Sound of Music” and to meditate on the vocational choices made.

To marry the Church as a vocation and serve the Lord; or to seek a vocation in Matrimony and serve the Lord.

Both are blessed and holy options.

Peace be with us all.

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One thought on “Salzburg, Austria

  1. We love Salzburg! We also went to Mondsee, Austria which has the Basilica St. Michael where Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married. It’s a beautiful lakeside town with – yes – good beer and tasty pastries! Thank you for sharing. It brings a smile to my heart because of the great times we had traveling with our small family (building and investing in memories!) ❤️

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