Learning to listen to Music

by Frank Muller

All art is to be encouraged and its creation is a thing unique to man.

Why are we so touched by music?

Most of us understand that music is a mathematical representation of our emotions and thoughts.

We place into an archetecture of time and space a unique set of tones and notes, spaced according to time and from that something beautfiul can happen.

Music, like all ordered things, can in a mysterious yet profound way guides us to something beyond ourselves.

Like all things that can come from a creature with immutable free will, music can lead us to something beautiful or something prurient.

It can infuse into us a passion of the flesh or enlightenment of the mind and soul.

There is art in all music from a simple nursery rhyme to a Mozart sonata.

That does not mean that all art leads us to the good and thus what we choose to partake of is a choice of our own free will just as it is a choice of the artist in what they create in an expression of their own free will.

Music, if well done, has an impact on us.

Choosing to learn how to listen to music and choosing to reflect on how it makes us feel and think and act is the interactive reflection we are called by the artist to participate in.

We ought to consider these things carefully.

The artist can be calling us to things that help us be better, things that help us laugh, things that help us dance, or things that are silly or worse yet things that led us to selfishness and despair.


Above is a link to an insightful article on the many benefits of good music.

The purpose of this musing is to add one element to the song.

Choose wisely.

Peace be with us.

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