Vincent Van Gogh

by Frank Muller

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh (Penguin Classics): Van Gogh, Vincent, de Leeuw, Ronald, Pomerans, Arnold J.: 0787721868552: Books

Van Gogh’s Untold Journey: WILLIAM J. HAVLICEK, PH.D.: 9780982487211: Books

Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for Sacred Art: Silverman, Debora: 9780374282431: Books

The artistry of Vincent Van Gogh resonates as much today as it did those days he created it.

The story of Vincent is greatly distorted and the Truth of his life was his devotion to our Lord and His Church.

Virtually every piece of art Van Gogh created is an insight into the great mysteries of the Faith.

To understand an artist well, one should first read about the artist and how their lives were influenced.

Only when we come to better understand the soul, then we can more deeply penetrate into its’ meaning.

Havlicek’s book is a great first step into the life of Van Gogh and his selfless sacrifice towards loving the poor and disaffected.

It is deeply touching.

Then, peer into his collected writings and this beautiful soul begins to come alive.

Lastly, read about him and Gaugin and the great discussions and debates between them that drove both men to create art that has lasted.

One of the best roads towards approaching the Faith is through Beauty.

Peace be with us all,


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