Faith and Reason and the impact on culture

by Frank Muller

There is a new religion whose genesis was the Enlightenment.

To be fair, the Enlightenment of the 16th – 19th Centuries brought about great social justices and societal economic improvements.

Those are goods that stem from human freedom allowed to express themselves in scientific and economic pursuits.

However, those pursuits became a faith of its’ own and it began to postulate an article of faith that Faith has no role in human advancement (think about that statement carefully and you should start to chuckle).

This has led us to today where Scientology is a new religion based on a faith that Faith is not rational.

That is, so long as some scientist says it is true, it must be true even if I don’t take the time to test the assertion using the Scientific method.

Below is a link to a presentation that seeks to show that Faith and Reason are in fact the expression of the same thing.


Dr. Stacy Trasancos – The Faith and Science Conflict Myth (2019 Defending the Faith Conference) – YouTube

I encourage you to show this video to your teenage children and begin from an early age to impress upon their minds that Faith and Reason are not only compatible, but they are also expected both by our Creator and by natural law.

Peace be with you.

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