A Plan for Apologetics

by Frank Muller

In order to prepare for Apologetics, we must prepare ourselves first.

No shoot, aim, load.

Rather, know your weapon inside and out.

Be able to disassemble and reassemble your weapon blindfolded.

Only dedicated daily study will get one there.

So, step 1: set aside every day no less than 15 minutes and no more than 30 minutes each day.

Step 2:  Absolute quiet, no PC, No cell phone, do not disturb sign at your space.

Step 3:  Meditate by focusing on God’s presence and your breath for five minutes before and two minutes after.

Step 4:  Develop a plan (here I can help).

My Book Recommendations | Reasonable Catholic

This is one of the best lists I have ever found, and these books and writings are a fountain of joy that will consume your half an hour for years to come.

You cannot drink an ocean, build an ambitious plan and work the plan till you draw your last breath.

We never can exhaust the joy of getting to know our Lord (either now or in eternity).

I also recommend starting with 7 different books from 7 different areas he outlines.  Read one chapter or whatever you can in 30 minutes each day.

So, Sunday start with the Gospel of the day and Frank Sheeds “To Know Christ Jesus”. 

Monday, next book and next section.

My humble opinion is it best to consume books in small lovely pieces in context with others and enjoy a more diverse and effective way to learn.

Peace be with you.


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